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Sugaring: The natural hair removal that’s making a comeback in Horsham

How many of us dread getting our waxing done? The pain, the redness, the frustration with snapped hairs? Would you like a more affective and less painful way to remove unwanted hair? If the answer is yes, then read on as sugaring is the way forward for you.

What is sugaring?

Simply put, sugaring is a form of a hair removal that uses a paste made from sugar, lemon, and water. It originates from ancient Egyptian times and is made from natural ingredients found in those areas. It is believed that they may have even originally used honey. It’s so natural that you could even eat it… not that I will be trying that anytime soon.

The sugar paste is used at body temperature, rather than hot, and spread on the area against the hair growth. It is then removed in the direction of the hair growth. The complete opposite to waxing!

why is sugaring better that waxing?

For me, I think sugaring is better not only from a skincare perspective but for environmental reasons too. Sugaring is made from a paste which is 100% natural! Not only that we do not use wax strips to remove it. We also use our hands to apply it. Think of all the wax strips and spatulas we can prevent from being used and thrown away. It’s the small changes in what we use that can have a more positive affect on the environment. Not only is it better for the earth but it’s better for your skin.

Once the lovely paste has been smoothed on, we wait for a minute. Now with sugaring, it is a real technique to do it efficiently and effectively. We let it settle so that it adheres to the hairs. We give it time to fully wrap the around hairs so they can be removed from the root. What’s so good about the sugar paste is that it doesn’t stick to the skin like wax does. This means the treatment is far more comfortable and reduces the amount of discomfort and redness. We slightly push, flick it off and repeat until the whole area has had its hair removed.

I mentioned that we apply the paste against the hair growth and remove with the growth. This is to reduce the chances of the hair snapping. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. By removing in the direction of the hair we are removing the hair from the root much more effectively. This decreases breakages and gives you a smoother and longer lasting result.

Sugaring hair removal paste being applied to a lower leg
Sugaring is a natural alternative to waxing

Can it be used on any area?

Absolutely anywhere! Because we don’t use high heat and it’s 100% natural, it is safe to use anywhere, from eyebrows to toes. It’s especially good on delicate areas. And you’re instantly removing the chance of burns when you switch to sugaring as the paste is at body temp. Therefore, it isn’t heating the skin.

Where can I get it done?

Not many places offer sugaring these days. But, saying that, it’s making a bit of a comeback thankfully. I am based in Horsham, West Sussex, and I don’t know of any others offering it locally. There are sugaring bars popping up in London. If you’re in West Sussex, then you can Book your sugaring appointment in with me. Or if you just want a little more info, do get in touch. Its so important to share more environmentally friendly treatments and more natural practices which benefit us all more.

I truly believe once you’ve tried sugaring you will not look back.

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