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Super Skin Clearing Seaweed Mask

Those of you who read my blogs will know that I love making skincare products and sharing easy DIY recipes. And what I really love about them is that they are 100% natural. Recently, I’ve been researching seaweeds and sea kelp. And I have to say I have no idea why I haven’t been using this more in my routine. It really is a powerhouse of nutrients and can really pack a punch that’s full of benefits for your skin.

What is sea kelp?

Sea kelp is a seaweed from the brown seaweed family, usually harvested from the Atlantic Ocean. It has been growing naturally in underwater forests for thousands of years. It was used by the Romans, Greeks and ancient Egyptians for its incredible health, healing and restorative benefits. Not only is It amazing when applied topically but incredible for internal health too! A real super ingredient.

So, what will it do for me? Where to start? Let’s break it down to 4 key benefits.

1. Helps heal breakouts.

Sea kelp is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce redness. It also helps to remove toxins. But amazingly, it won’t dry out your skin! So many spot/deep cleansing treatments dry and irritate the skin so this is a great alternative.

2. Soothes and calms dry flaky skin.

Seaweed is packed full of nutrients and iodine. Together these will help to feed dry flaky skin. But not only that, they will work to soften your skin and help it retain moisture, keeping it more hydrated.

3. Helps fight the signs of ageing.

Sea kelp is rich in antioxidants, which helps to fight the signs of ageing. It also helps to shield skin from external aggressions. Up to 80% of premature ageing can be from external elements. So, having this is your weekly routine can help to prevent the signs of aging. We all want to keep away. Right?

4. Creates smooth, radiant skin.

A face mask containing sea kelp will be rich with zinc and vitamins C, A and E. All of which help to keep your skin smooth and radiant. The vitamin C helps to brighten your skin, while the zinc rejuvenates and heals.

I think after reading that, you’ll agree we all need more seaweed in our weekly routine. This super ingredient coupled with the other ingredients in this mask will really give your skin a huge boost. It will help to give you truly clear and radiant skin.

Sea Kelp Face Mask - Before & After

Rhassoul Clay

Our second key ingredient is Rhassoul clay. This clay is only found in the Atlas Mountains in morocco, again used for centuries for head-to-toe benefits. Now there are lots of clays available, but I would either choose this or green clay. However, you can adapt the recipe if you have a firm favourite already at home.

Rhassoul clay contains negatively charged metallic elements which attract and draw out the positively charged toxins. They bond to the clay, ready to be washed away! It also absorbs any excess oil, keeping skin balanced and clear. It Is rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium and works to fight against breakouts, blackheads and acne. The clay helps with tone, improves the skins elastane and even nourishes the skin. Can you imagine the results you’ll get from using this in combination with sea kelp? Amazing!

Now let’s get to the bit you are all after. The recipe…

Face mask ingredients

  • 1 tsp sea kelp powder – I’ve been buying mine from ‘Zero Waste’ to support local businesses.
  • ½ tsp Rhassoul clay – Buy it here from The Soap Kitchen.
  • A thumb size piece of aloe vera plant or 1tsp pure aloe gel – if you don’t have this you can omit it and just add a little more water.
  • Water – This needs to be added a small amount at a time.
  • For a real boost add 1tsp raw honey.
Sea Kelp Face Mask Ingredients


  • Firstly, add your kelp and clay to a bowl and squeeze in the gel from the aloe vera plant.
  • Mix in the raw honey if using.
  • Gradually, using a small spoon, add in the water until it forms a thin paste.

Apply to your face and leave it on for 15/20 mins. You should notice that it will dry but not so that it’s hard and uncomfortable. Wet your face with warm water and gently massage it in. Remove the mask with a wet flannel. Follow it with your toner or rose water and moisturiser.

I love the way my skin feels after using this and you will instantly notice it too. It feels beautifully cleansed and fresh without that tight uncomfortable feeling you can often get with a ‘cleansing mask’. Not only that, but you’ll know that there are absolutely no nasties hidden in this mask. It is enriched with goodness that will feed your skin and keep it smooth, clear and radiant.

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