Aurora Skincare - Instructions

Cleansing Balm

With clean, dry hands remove a ‘10p sized’ amount of balm and gently warm it in your hands, taking in a deep breath of the scent. Massage into your face and neck. Remove with a flannel and warm water. Repeat if wearing make-up. This can be done morning and night.

Face Cream

Remove a small amount and gently warm between your fingertips. Inhale as applying and gently massage over your face and neck, both morning and night. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Facial Oil

Apply 2 – 3 drops on top of your moisturiser as a super boost. It can be used day and night or just at night if preferred. Warm between finger tips and massage in.

Body Oil

This can be used day or night. It’s ideal for after baths/showers to lock in moisture.

Lip Balm

Use when needed. It’s small enough to fit in your bag, so keep it with you and use throughout the day.

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