We offer a range of professional and hygienic hot and warm waxing treatments blended with aloe and lavender to help soothe and calm your skin, making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Based in a tranquil home beauty salon in Horsham, you will feel welcome and at ease in our cosy, stress-free environment. We take every care to make sure you are receiving the most pain-free and hygienic waxing experience. 

If you would like to book an appointment for any of the services listed below or if you would like more information on our waxing services, then get in touch today.

Warm Wax

Sometimes referred to as strip wax, warm wax is better for larger areas where the skin is thicker and less sensitive as it sticks to both the hair and the skin more so than hot wax.

Leg Waxing (Warm Wax)

KA Beauty - Leg Waxing - Warm Wax

1/2 leg, 3/4 leg and full leg available. Your therapist will pre-cleanse your skin before applying a soothing wax which she will then remove using strips, toes included. Following the treatment, we will apply a soothing oil.

½ leg / £20
¾ leg / £25
Full leg / £30
Full leg & bikini / £40 (Bikini using hot wax)

Hot Wax

Hot wax is perfect for more delicate areas where the hair is a little coarser, such as your underarms or bikini line as it helps to reduce the discomfort that can be caused by warm waxing. It takes a little longer as the wax is warmer and thicker and is left on the skin for about a minute. This allows the heat from the wax to open up the pores in the skin, loosening the follicles and allowing them to be removed more easily. The wax will cool and set and be removed in one strip.

Bikini Waxing (Hot Wax)

KA Beauty - Bikini Wax - Hot Wax

We offer a basic bikini waxing service. Care is taken to ensure you are feeling comfortable and that all unwanted hairs are removed.

Bikini wax: £17
Extended bikini: £19

Underarm Waxing (Hot Wax)

KA Beauty - Underarm Waxing - Hot Wax

Save the hassle of daily shaving with underarm waxing. The skin is cleansed, waxed then soothed, revealing smooth hair-free underarms.

Price: £15

Lip & Chin Wax (Hot Wax)

KA Beauty - Lip and Chin Waxing - Warm Wax

A discreet service to remove any unwanted facial hairs. We gently apply and remove wax, trying to minimize the amount of redness and sensitivity.

Lip / Chin: £7
Lip & Chin: £10

Full Face Waxing (Hot Wax)

KA Beauty - Full Face Wax - Hot Wax

Hot wax is a little better for facial waxing as it doesn’t remove any skin. This is especially good if you are suffering from coarse facial hair and need regular waxing treatments.

Price: £25

Eyebrow Waxing (Hot Wax)

KA Beauty - Eyebrow Waxing - Warm Wax

Keep your eyebrows in shape with a quick eyebrow touch up. We can easily add this on to any other services.

Price: £10

Unsure if you need hot wax or warm wax?

At KA Beauty, our goal is to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. All our treatments are completely confidential. Just get in touch with Amy and she will be happy to chat through the process and answer any questions that you may have.

What do I need to do for my waxing appointment?

Follow these simple before and aftercare points to achieve the best waxing results.


  1. Exfoliate the area well a couple of days before your appointment. This will help to remove excess dead skin and help ingrown hairs. If you exfoliate 1-2 times per week this will help decrease the number of ingrown hairs you may be getting.
  2. If you don’t wax regularly and would like one before going on holiday, we would recommend that you come in for two appointments beforehand to get the best results.


Please follow these steps for the next 24-48 hours to ensure maximum results and comfort. 

  1. For 24hrs after your appointment, you must keep the area out of the sun, heat, pools and avoid products on them – other than after wax lotion. This will reduce the risk of any sensitivity and rashes, keeping you looking and feeling fab.
  2. Wear loose clothing. You don’t want to restrict the area after you’ve been waxed. Loose cotton fabric is ideal.
  3. Re-book. Don’t forget to re-book your next waxing appointments for 3-6 weeks. The more regularly you have it done the smoother the results will be.
  4. Keep the waxed area clean, avoiding heat & friction 
  5. Try to use warm (rather than hot) water in the bath or shower.
  6. Avoid sunbathing, sunbeds or fake tans
  7. Do not use steam rooms, hot tubs or saunas. 
  8. Try not to do too much exercise
  9. If possible, try not to scratch the treated area 
  10. Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools
  11. Do not use body sprays, lotions or other products on the waxed area, unless it is something that we have recommended.
  12. You may experience some slight soreness or redness. Do not worry. This is a common reaction and should not last for more than two days. However, if it should last for longer than this, please contact us.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our waxing treatments or would like to book an appointment, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.