Nail Treatments

For pedicures or manicures in Horsham, why not step into our relaxing home salon near the town centre. Not only will you be pampered, but your hands and feet will feel fantastic and look amazing.


Manicure - Close up of a womans hand being manicured.

If you fancy a pamper without the nail polish, then this is ideal for you. You will receive a full manicure which includes cuticle push back and tidy, removal if needed. Your nails will be filled, shaped and buffed to look neat and smooth. You’ll then get a relaxing hand massage to reduce tension and bring the treatment to an end.

Price: £22

Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure - Close up of recently manicured hands with gel nail polish.

Treat your nails to some TLC with a manicure, followed by gel polish. Cuticles will be pushed back and removed if needed, nails filed, shaped and buffed. This is followed by your choice of gel polish. We have a fantastic range of colours to choose from. Brands chosen are all cruelty free. After your nails have been pampered, the treatment will conclude with a relaxing hand massage to relieve stress and tension. The oil used is hand-made in house. With gel polish you don’t have to wait for them to dry, they will be set in the salon. For gel removal before your treatment there is a £5 additional fee.

Gel Manicure: £27
Gel polish removal: £5
Gel removal that has not  been done by KA Beauty: £10
French polish: £5

Gel Pedicure

Gel Pedicure - Close up of toes being filed.

Treat your toes to some TLC with a pedicure followed by a gel polish. The cuticles will be pushed back, tidied and removed if needed. Your nails will then be filed, shaped, buffed and finished with your choice of gel polish. Once your toes have finished their tidy up, you’ll get a relaxing foot massage to relieve tension and aches. No need to worry about flip flops as the gel polish is set and dry before you leave. For removal of existing gel polish before there is an additional charge of £5.

Gel Pedicure: £32
Gel polish removal: £5
Gel removal that has not  been done by KA Beauty: £10
French polish: £5

Luxury Pedicure

Luxury Pedicure - Close up of recently pedicured feet.

Treat your feet to some much needed TLC with a luxury pedicure with or without gel polish. The cuticles will be pushed back, tided and removed if needed. Your nails will be filed, shaped and buffed. Your feet will be deeply exfoliated with a sugar scrub and hard skin will be filed away. Once your toes have finished their tidy up and skin smoothed, you’ll receive a relaxing foot massage. This will help to relieve tension and aches and leave your skin glowing. The perfect treat for your feet.

Luxury Pedicure: £32
With Gel Polish: £38

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a facial? 

A facial is a beauty treatment that focuses on the condition of the skin on your face, helping to ease and treat any concerns you may have. It is a stepped process that cleanses your pores, exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and treats your specific skin type. The aim is to make your skin feel nourished, rejuvenated, healthier and younger-looking.

Facials treatments often include massage treatments to specific areas as this not only helps to improve lymphatic drainage and relax tense muscles but helps to relieve anxiety, improve your mood and help you feel relaxed in both body and mind.

What happens in our facials?

This is the basic structure of our facial treatments: 

  1. Eye and lip cleanse
  2. Face cleanse (x2): Removes makeup and impurities 
  3. Exfoliation: This unblocks pores and smooths skin
  4. Treatment mask: Chosen depending on your facial choice
  5. Hand and arm massage: To aid relaxation
  6. Toner: Re-balances your skin
  7. Treatment serum: Boosts your skin 
  8. Face neck and shoulder massage 
  9. Day care applied 

Why should I have a facial treatment?

The Facial’s that we have created not only intensely nourish, hydrate and smooth the skin but also work to clear toxins with lymphatic drainage. Clearing toxins will help reduce puffiness and work on clearing and brightening your complexion. Regular facial treatments also work to help fight the signs of aging. Having a facial treatment can also have a hugely positive effect on your mental health and well-being too. 

How often should I have facials? 

It’s recommended every four to six weeks as that is the skins renewal cycle but don’t worry if you can’t make it as often as that. 

Can I wear make-up when coming for facials? 

Yes, you can. However, if you’re comfortable to so, it’s best to come without it. We can easily remove the makeup during the treatment.

Can you have a facial if wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes. We just need to be more careful around the eye area to make sure no product gets onto them. 

Are facials suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. We have developed our own range of skin treatments using only 100% natural ingredients. There is a whole range, especially for sensitive skin.

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