Below you will find all of my blogs related to self-love. I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Before I set up KA Beauty, I worked in Selfridges and the Urban Retreat spa in Harrods for brands Sisley and Crème de la Mer. I love to share my knowledge and hope that you can benefit from it. If you like what you read, then please do leave a comment or share the article on social media.

Amy Kiss

Home Spa Day with KA Beauty

There is nothing better than having a spa day or a day at your favourite salon. A day for you to be treated and pampered like the goddess (or god) that you are. A day where you aren’t rushing around…


New Year, New You?

So, it’s that time of year again! We’ve over indulged. Then indulged a little more. And then topped that off with copious amounts of cheese. New Year’s Eve has a great way of making us reflect on the year we’ve…


Self love… Learn to love yourself.

It feels like nowadays it’s the norm to dismiss a compliment by putting ourselves down. Or by criticising ourselves in front of others. I am forever doing this. I can’t help it. It’s almost an involuntary response. The other day I…